Wohola Features

Check out some of the basic Wohola features below.
However please know that there is so much more to Wohola than what you see here!

Add or Remove Slides from Sliders with Ease

You can simply click a single button to add or delete slides to your website. No more complicated plugins or complicated operations.

Single button cl ...
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Inbuilt Multi Language Support

Wohola has an inbuilt multi-language support. If you already have different software solutions and have tried to implement multiple languages within y ...
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Edit Text Directly on Webpage Like a Normal Document

Wohola has a WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get editor. You can simply edit text directly on your webpage just like a normal Word document, and y ...
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Manage Posts and Categories with Single Button Clicks

Managing posts is very easy, too. Whether it is news section, recipes section, blog, a project database or real estate solution, you can add new infor ...
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Change Images With Simple Button Clicks

It's not just text but you can change images easily, too. Simply click on the image and it would show you buttons to upload more images or change thos ...
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Access to Your Code

With Wohola, you are not limited to making only the changes that the system allows. You have full access to code in case there are some things you wis ...
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Easily Manage All Configurations

With Wohola, managing configurations or settings is a breeze. Many business functions require some configurations or settings. Usually these configura ...
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Custom Solutions at Price and Timeline of Product

Wohola is not just a CMS. It is a full-fledged platform for building business solutions. Not only that! With unique architecture of Wohola, you are no ...
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