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Business Networking by Wohola

We are pleased to announce a regular monthly meetup for business owners and decision makers in a company to meet for purpose of sales, promotion, find ...
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Slam Marketing

Slam Marketing provides comprehensive advertising and branding packages to both small and big companies. Its team uses a plethora of different tools t ...
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Healthy Web Designs

Healthy Web Design is your ultimate answer to give your organization the perfect ideas to invent and implement the effective IT strategies and that to ...
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Webee IT Services

Webee IT Services is an IT consulting services firm that offers a wide range of customized IT solutions, IT Outsourcing services and supportive framew ...
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Technology Resolutions for 2015 

Now that you are back to work from weeks of feasting, merry-making and holidaying, it’s time to get rid of all the excesses and spring clean various a ...
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Conversation Mining: Key to What Customers Want

What people write about your company or products on social media could provide the secret sauce to your new offering, key insights for your research a ...
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PC Heart

PC Heart is a leading computer and IT expert in installation, management, support and maintenance. PC Heart understands the technology needs of small ...
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We are a web design agency, why would we want to partner with you?

Most web design agencies implement websites using popular solutions. So when you approach a client you can only offer more or less the same type of so ...
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We are a marketing company, how can we offer Wohola to our clients?

Marketing services are a natural fit for Wohola based solutions. You can propose various unique features, e.g. ability to create landing pages on the ...
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We already offer many standard ERP systems. Why Wohola?

Great. Wohola has capabilities to have any type of enterprise solutions added on it. So while you may already have other solutions or services which m ...
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I am a web designer but I do not want to get involved in sales!

That is fine. We are getting an increasing stream of business, and with the features and prices that we offer, it is likely to grow very fast. So we a ...
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I am a great designer and I am expensive!

Yes, we publicise very low prices in general. It does not matter how much we charge. We are seeking clients with different requirements and different ...
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I am an individual but I would like to partner with you!

Sure. As long as you have ability to find clients whom you could offer Wohola solution, we would be happy for you to come on board. 

All you would be ...
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My question is not in this list, I want to know more!

Please feel free to contact Maxelerator Ltd, the creators of Wohola at the 24 hour UK number 0800 907 0053 or send us an email at [email protected] ...
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Komz Consulting

Komz is dedicated to delivering superior service to its customers through its breadth of understanding and ability to manage the project lifecycle fro ...
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My question is not in this list. I want to know more!

Please feel free to contact Maxelerator Ltd, the creators of Wohola, at the 24 hour UK number 0800 907 0053 or send us an email at [email protected] ...
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Can we see Wohola working on a live site?

Yes. Please contact us to set up a Skype session where we can show you Wohola in action at one or more live sites using Wohola. You would be able to s ...
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What if we need new features after we go live?

That is easy. With Wohola architecture you can build new features and add to your site quite easily. 

Not only that we have Wohola Market coming out ...
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Do I get the same thing as everyone else?

No. You get a custom solution that is built specifically for your needs. It is like you are getting a custom solution, but paying the price of a produ ...
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Can Wohola support multiple languages?

Yes. Wohola has inbuilt multi-language support. So you can have your website in multiple languages and allow user to switch between different language ...
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