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Key Must-haves for your Website 

This article is a guide of what you need to request from your web development team to make your website look professional yet keep the costs low. 

The perfect website does not exist. Getting an ideal website too is not that easy. Often individuals and businesses end up spending a lot of time and resources in putting together an ideal website. It would not hurt those with deep pockets and resources but for start-ups, small firms and individuals on a shoe-string budget, time and resources, getting an ideal website could be an uphill task.  However, with just a few critical elements you can build a website successfully and in very little time. 

Here are the key must-haves that will get you up and running in terms of building/improving your website.

Easy and clear navigation
An easy and clear navigation is critical for website success. Without proper navigation, a visitor would feel all lost and overwhelmed, and leave the site quickly. Navigation design lends a sense of structure and organisation and visitors can instantaneously know of the size and scope of information and where to access it. Thus, simplicity of navigation should be what one should gun for. 

You can choose how to present the navigation structure. The only thing to remember is to place content where users would expect them to find and in a language that is easily understood. Also, visitors should be able to access the desired content in a maximum of two to three clicks. A lengthy breadcrumb can be off putting to the users. It’s very important to include only relevant content and links. Navigation must be accessible from any page of the website, understandable, clear and intuitive. And most of all, the navigation design must be consistent throughout the website. The objective should be to give visitors a smooth experience.  

Simple yet attractive homepage
The homepage is your face. It’s your virtual reception area. It is where people land first and thus it is important that the first impression not only creates a lasting effect on the minds of the visitors but also echoes your brand values. So, the homepage needs a lot of forethought and planning. 

Overall, keep it stunning, short and simple enough for people to know at a glance what the site and your business has to offer. Spare the details in this page. Keep the details for ensuing pages. Follow the rule of less is more. 

About Us/FAQs section 
This page can host all the details for those who want to know about your organisation in great details. It can include information about the company, vision and mission, leadership team, partner organisations, advertising information, press room, career opportunities, etc.

Having a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section in your site is a good idea for those whose website promotes products and services. This section can help customers easily find answers to common questions. It also makes a lot of business sense for smaller firms as it helps cut down on phone calls and query emails. 

A Call to Action
A call-to-action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts visitors to take action. Whatever be the action you want visitors to take – signing up for a webinar, buying a service, educating visitors about your business or attending an event, there are a few general tips that can make your CTA work for you.  Your CTA should be able to grab eyeballs, have actionable verbs, a clear value proposition and be linked to a specific and relevant page. There can be nothing more disappointing to a visitor than landing on a page that doesn’t do justice to the expectations set by call-to-action text or image.

Prominent Contact Information/Feedback section
Having contact information and feedback form gives visitors an idea that you want them to contact you and that their views and inputs are valuable. It lends a certain level of credibility when they know that there is a real person at the other end of the phone to listen to them. In addition to your email address and automated chat service, it is always a good idea to include a phone number as well. Nothing can beat a human touch!