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Getting Content Right 

How to shape your website content in the right direction - for it to effectively reach and engage with all stakeholders? 

So much of what companies do online revolves around content. Content plays a pivotal role whether you are looking to improve your SEO, having your presence felt on social media platforms, running online campaigns or creating brand touch point online. Content effectiveness is the key to succeeding online. Yet, many marketers fail to make content the focal point of their marketing activities and this mistake turns out later to be its undoing. 

Marketers therefore need to put in place an effective content strategy that delivers results. Here are a few important steps that marketers need to take to ensure their content is effective.

Know your target audience 
The content you create is for the audience that you are targeting. So ensure that the content is identifiable by your audience and it is of use to them. Your audience segment will most likely be diverse, so it is important to keep in mind the interests and user behaviour of sub-groups to make your content relevant and effective. 

Define goals clearly 
Set your goals clearly and be as specific as possible. You could use the prevalently adopted method of setting SMART (an acronym for the five steps of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) goals. Defined goals have a much greater chance of being accomplished than goals that are ambiguous. Also, content goals need to be tied to revenue goals so that content becomes a key contributor to business. 

Develop a content plan
Create a content plan based on your goals and audience insights. Without a plan, you won’t make real progress. Once you have decided on the content blue-print, the next step is to plan an editorial calendar for content creation. An editorial plan will help you decide on major content offerings, integrate content into all of your major events, identify recurring content features, create multiple pieces of content from each major marketing effort. After this, spend some time choosing the right content creators and channels for presenting content. For small businesses or companies with small content team, it is a smart idea to re-cycle, curate and co-create content wherever possible. Involving employees and customers in co-creating content is not only an inexpensive way of sourcing content but also it is far richer, collaborative and engaging way of building content base. 
Make your content useful & attractive 
Effective content is both useful and appealing. Make sure that none of the two elements take a backseat or else it would be difficult to convert prospects into customers. Ensure that your content does not look like a slipshod job. Therefore, invest time and energy in creating a winning combination of compelling copy, catchy headlines/titles and eye-grabbing visuals. In this age of information overload and shortening attention spans, a visual stands a better chance of getting readers’ attention than long-winded texts. Try and break long text into bite-size pieces so that it is easier for readers in a hurry to absorb. Lengthy copies, no matter how good, can intimidate online readers. 

Make your content accessible 
You can have the top-notch content but if visitors find it tough to access it, then it is all a wasted enterprise. You do need to optimize your copy so that search engines can easily find it. Therefore, incorporating search keywords into the copy and especially in the headline and first few paragraphs is very important. Also, your content platforms should use design elements that guide readers into your content. Even simple things like adding an outline, making headers and sub-heads in bold, adding attractive images etc, will help make your content more accessible.

Once you have your content in place, test it. Run periodic checks and review all content sections along with the results of analytics and consumer feedback. Make adjustments and changes accordingly. Content is dynamic in nature. Hence, you can never consider it done. It will require regular maintenance and updating.