An enterprise platform for online solutions

Wohola is a unified enterprise platform and CMS for building web-based business solutions. In its simplest form, you get sophisticated websites where you can change backgrounds, images, text, videos, Facebook, Google maps, Twitter code with ease directly on the page and without any technical knowledge.

At the other extreme, you can get complex but easy-to-use business solutions, which seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. You can virtually run your whole business operations using Wohola-based solutions.

Not only that! Wohola has a unique component based architecture, which allows 100% custom solutions to be built. So, you do not have to change your business to fit into the complex software that you use.

Incredibly easy to manage and cheap to run, Wohola lets you seamlessly integrate your marketing & sales strategy with your business operations. Use Wohola and experience ease and flexibility like never before!

Pankaj Goel

Wohola Solution Providers

We are currently signing up web design companies, IT solution providers and software companies to be Wohola Solution Providers. We currently have master franchisees for UK, Italy and India. We are looking for Master Franchisees globally at this time. Click here to see who our current solution providers are! You could also check out our Partnership Program to find out more.

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Full Range of Web Design Services

With Wohola solutions providers you can get best of the services all powered by Wohola. Check out some of the basic services that our solutions providers can offer using Wohola software.

  • Websites

    Each Wohola solution provider has experience in web designin ...

  • Custom Online Solutions

    Not only websites, with Wohola there is no limit on what typ ...

  • Customization

    Wohola is an enterprise and CMS for building and developing ...

  • Marketing

    Wohola is a full-fledged platform for building web business ...

Wohola Features

What Makes Wohola Different

Check out some of the features of Wohola!

  • Add or Remove Slides from Sliders with Ease
    You can simply click a single button to add or delete slides ... Read more
  • Inbuilt Multi Language Support
    Wohola has an inbuilt multi-language support. If you already ... Read more
  • Edit Text Directly on Webpage Like a Normal Document
    Wohola has a WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get editor. ... Read more
  • Manage Posts and Categories with Single Button Clicks
    Managing posts is very easy, too. Whether it is news section ... Read more
  • Change Images With Simple Button Clicks
    It's not just text but you can change images easily, too. Si ... Read more
  • Access to Your Code
    With Wohola, you are not limited to making only the changes ... Read more
  • Easily Manage All Configurations
    With Wohola, managing configurations or settings is a breeze ... Read more
  • Custom Solutions at Price and Timeline of Product
    Wohola is not just a CMS. It is a full-fledged platform for ... Read more


What Our Clients Says

  • Tim Brown Volcano Company
    As a self-employed professional I needed something that would get the job done and also be easy to maintain and Maxelerator provided that at a good price.
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